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Investment Management and Financial Planning


Investment Management and Financial Planning

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Since 2000, Aspen Financial Management has provided  asset management and financial planning services to families and select small businesses. Clients choose Aspen for our integrity,  consistency and proven record of success in financial services. With no restricted affiliations with any bank, broker-dealer or  investment bank, Aspen is positioned to put our clients' goals  first. 

It is our goal to provide an unparalleled level of  quality advice to every one of our clients. In addition to our modern  approach to portfolio construction, we offer a level of personalized  service and open communication not found at larger organizations that  ensure our clients feel comfortable and secure.

Client Focus

 Attention to detail, transparency and uncompromising  quality of service are paramount in how we manage the wealth of our  clients. We listen and help define objectives for the short- and  long-term, never employing a cookie-cutter approach, but customizing  every portfolio to the specific needs of each client. 


In  an era of unprecedented consolidation within financial services, many of the great names in investment management and financial planning have either vanished or sacrificed their independence to  become mega institutions. With asset growth and product placement as  the main drivers of success among the financial service supermarkets,  private-client professionals and their clients alike have been  victimized by the consolidators’ business goals of greater scale and enhanced market share.

Aspen is home to a dynamic, open business  environment where sound ethics, mutual respect and deep integrity are  the status quo. Free from the conflicts of interest and office politics  of larger corporations, we are better able to guide our clients to their  financial goals. We enjoy working with each other and we enjoy working  with our clients. The quality, integrity and independence of our advice,  coupled with our unwavering commitment to client service, sets us apart  in a crowded field.

Our Team

Alan Kepfer * President / Chief Compliance Officer

With more than 25 years in the financial services industry, Alan began his career with affiliates of New York Life and American Express.  He then went on to accomplish his goal of founding and leading a private advisory firm, and thus in 2000 started Aspen.

Alan can be reached at 575-377-9404 or

Gerald becker * Investment Advisor Representative

With a distinguished engineering background before his career in financial services, Gerald held positions with Westinghouse, GeoSpace, and Texas A&M University as an educator.  Gerald also was a founding partner in Industrial Educational Services Inc., and SunSmith Corporation before moving to the financial services industry with Edward Jones.  In 2000 Gerald joined Aspen.

Jerry can be reached at 575-741-0303 or


Larry has been practicing as a CPA for over 40 years and as a financial planner for over  20 years.  His ability to combine his tax and financial planning expertise has been invaluable to his clients in meeting their tax obligations and life goals.  Larry joined Aspen in 2003.

Larry can be reached at 305-332-0773 or

Dilish Dudha * Investment Advisor Representative

Dilish's background began as a chemical engineer with 12 years in the plastics industry holding senior management positions with both large and small corporations.  Dilish them changed fields to the financial services industry with positions at American Express Financial Advisors and Fidelity.  In  1999 Dilish formed his own RIA and then in 2005 joined Aspen.

Dilish can be reached at 817-642-9883 or


Joe can be reached at 904-891-6814 or


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